Event Notification

offsite document storage management

Would you like to receive a signed copy of your work orders electronically? How about knowing if there are any containers and storage eligible for destruction? These are just a couple of ways event notification can be valuable to you. I’m here today to show you how event notification works and how it can be […]

Container Contents: File Level

records storage inventory

https://storageplus.biz/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/File-Import-.mp4 Hi there. My name is Courtney, and today I’m going to be going over how to utilize spreadsheets for the data importing of your files. So data importing is integral to the maintaining of your inventory, so that way you know what you have in storage and which boxes that your files are located […]

Document Destruction Console Acceptable Items

document destruction console

Hello again. Many of you utilize our shredding services and have a shredding console in your office like the one next to me. Let’s talk about items that should and should not go into the console. Please do not put items such as newspaper, color paper, or magazines. Empty water bottles and plastic bags do […]

Opening an Encrypted E-Mail

Secure file storage

Hi there. My name is Courtney and today I’m going to go over how to open a secure email message. Now, you might get one of these messages from us if you’ve requested information to be sent to you electronically that has to either follow HIPAA guidelines or just might contain sensitive information pertaining to […]

Container Contents: Box Level

File storage box inventory

Spreadsheet’s play an integral role in performing your document storage box inventory, so that way you know what you have in storage and where it’s located, it’s also in a searchable format, so that’ll make it easier to locate those items later down the line. So let’s take a look. So the first columns I’m […]

Bar-Coding Records Storage boxes

Document Storage box

This is a tutorial on best practices when bar-coding records storage boxes. One of the more frequent questions we get asked is, “How do I barcode a box for storage?” So I want to talk with you just for a minute today about how to barcode the box and where to put the barcode on […]

Authorized Personnel Form

Authorized user list for document storagee

Authorized personnel lists are so important to your company. It helps you to specify who has access to your account. You receive authorized personnel lists in three different ways, when you are a new client with us, when we do an annual review, we will send you a blank form just in case you have […]

Why Choose Storage by the Item Over Self Storage

records storage pickup

When you store by the item, you only pay for the space you use. Monthly storage charges depend on how many items you have stored, rather than a standard rate for space you may not even need. No more paying for empty space or damaging your valuable belonging by overstuffing a storage unit. With storage […]

Records Storage Box Assembly

one piece file storage box

Click on this link to see a short video demonstrating how to assemble a one piece records storage box, also called a document storage container. Assembling a Records storage box is simpler than it appears. With a little instruction you will find it easy too! Start with the text on the box facing you.  Then you […]