Record Storage & Management

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When you call our records storage facility you get immediate personal service, NOT an electronic menu.

We realize you may select any of many vendors to store your off site records. Therefore, we strive to offer the best–a staff dedicated to providing unequaled service to our clients, the only records storage facility in Tulsa designed for secure document storage, and superior equipment.

Here are just a few services we offer for your convenience.

    • One hour expedited service from our records storage facility. When the need arises, we retrieve a needed file or box of records from storage and deliver it to you when you need it.
    • Emergency access is always available. So files or boxes of records are retrievable from storage any time of the day or night.
    • Bar-coding provides tracking of your files or boxes of records in storage.
    • Customized web access: manage your files and boxes online.
    • Retention schedule management: when you send files and boxed records to storage, simply advise us when you would like to have them destroyed. Customized reports are available at any interval you request to assist in monitoring the destruction dates of your business records.
    • Certified Destruction: we provide a certificate of destruction after records are destroyed.
    • Container inventory, because whether you have one document or fifty files in a records storage container, it helps to track each individually.
    • A six-ton Diebold bank door secures anything stored in our steel reinforced concrete vault
    • Rotation schedules and storage for all types of magnetic media: tapes, discs, microfiche, or hard drives
    • Need a document from storage digitized? No problem because we also do document scanning and imaging.
    • Your needs are unique, so information is transferred by the means of your choice. So you choose e-mail, fax, phone or conventional delivery.
    • Customers have access to copy, fax, phone and e-mail services when visiting our facility.
      Please allow us to assist you in developing a records management program to fill your needs.

Our normal business records pickup/delivery service is 1/2 day…GUARANTEED!
From one document or file to multiple boxes of records. On any regular business day, simply contact us in the morning and your records will be retrieved from storage and delivered to your office before 5 PM. Placing an order by 4 PM guarantees for service the next business morning.

Our Customers Love Our Work

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    "Thank you, Marlene - it is always so nice doing business with you!!"

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    "I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help last week"

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    "Yeahhh!! Storage Plus has the greatest people to work with"

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    "You're the best!"

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    "Wow! Marlene, your driver was already here this morning with the three charts we requested!! That is fantastic service and I appreciate you being able to do that for us so quickly."

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    "Expressions of joy, shock, and disbelief for lowering our prices instead of increasing them in this tough economy"

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    "I just want to thank you again for getting all those files together as quickly as you did on such short notice last week. It was unexpected on my end and we really appreciate everything you all did"

Self-Storage Comparison

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