Storage Plus VS. Self-Storage Facility

Saving Money with Storage Plus by 5R, Inc.


Because storage is charged by the box, not a unit, you never pay for empty space AND never run out room!

 Some businesses rent a storage unit at a self-storage facility to store paper records because they are not aware of the savings available from a commercial records center.

While the Self Storage solution may appear inexpensive, it is not the most cost effective or efficient solution.

Because a businesses using the services of Storage Plus benefit from the economic principle of economies of scale they have a distinct competitive advantage over their competition. Consider the following comparisons:

SELF-STORAGE COST  Using A 10ft x 20ft Unit

The average cost of a 10ft x 20 ft. unit is $125.00 per month/$1,500.00 per year. This size unit will accommodate 304 letter/legal boxes (16x12x10). This is a unit price of $0.41 per letter legal box, IF THE UNIT IS FULL. When a storage unit is not full the cost per box quickly escalates. A half empty unitraises the unit cost to $0.82 per box, per month.

With Storage Plus your valuable documents are never damaged by over stacking. You also never pay for unneeded space. Resulting in a fixed rate constant cost per box far below $0.41 cents per box.

 Retrieval is more difficult, time consuming and dangerous in an over packed storage unit.  Boxes collapse when over stacked creating an unsafe work environment which could lead to you or your employee being injured.  In addition to the direct expense of the storage unit, consider these additional, hidden costs:


  • Self-Storage

      • You must purchase shelving.

      • You pay for empty space.

      • No chain of custody documentation

      • Over stacking boxes causes them to collapse. Which can damage valuable assets, making them harder and more dangerous to handle.

      • You or employees can be injured moving heavy and collapsed boxes.

      • Files are not properly refiled when returned to storage because it it hot, cold, dirty and or wet.

      • No knowledge of what is in the other units (like a can of gas, pests or even a person living in a unit).

  • Storage Plus by 5R, Inc.

      • You have no up front cost for Shelving.

      • You never pay for unneeded space. 

      • Our software tracks every box and file.

      • Boxes are not over stacked.

      • Your records are protected by a monitored security system, video surveillance, and backup power 24/7, 365 days a year.

      • Our warehouses are stand-alone  buildings; NOT multi-tenant buildings, we only store business records


  • Self-Storage

      • Employees do not dress for working in a storage unit. Leading to carelessness, lack of attention to detail, and injury.

      • You lose track of what is in storage and if/or when a file or box was removed from storage.

      • Employees  going to storage for boxes or files use valuable office productivity time, requires liability insurance, cost you mileage, and risks potential injury

      • What happens when no one has time to retrieve a must-have file?  Your business will have something going  undone.

  • Storage Plus by 5R, Inc.

    • Your documents are kept in a clean, pest-free environment.

    • Boxes and files are bar-coded to track movement.

    • Tracking software guarantees files are returned to proper location.

    • You can search for files from home or office computer 24/7.

    • Orders submitted online, over the phone, by email or fax.

    • Your order delivered in 1/2 business day!

    This is what we do!

Still not convinced?  Try us for 3 months.

If after 3 months you are not a believer, we will take your boxes back
to any self-storage facility in the Tulsa area, at no charge!


Call Storage Plus by 5R, Inc. today for a No Obligation Consultation.

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