Storage Plus offers a wide range of services aimed at making your business more organized, streamlined and secure. Call us for safe and secure handling of all your business records or personal belongings.


Storage Plus Tulsa Records Storage Icon

Records Storage

Storage is charged by the box, not the unit. That means you never pay for empty space and never run out of room!

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Media Vault

Protect your business from dangerous hackers. We store tapes or hard drives individually or in cases in our steel reinforced concrete vault.

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Records Destruction

Once you no longer need your documents we can destroy them safely and securely.

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Storage by the Item

When you have things that need to be stored, consider storage by the item instead of a costly storage unit.

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Scanning & Imaging

Whether you have one file or tens of thousands, Storage Plus has the experience, knowledge and staff to provide you with the best scanning or imaging solution.

Call us for a free assessment of your records and a quote for our document storage service.


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